Pixel Gravity

A few basic non-legalese provisions before you download:
  • Do NOT distribute the full-version program (.exe file) all over the place.
    • If you want to copy it to a few (not dozens) of your own computers, that's fine.
    • If you want to let anyone else download it for free...don't. This is not allowed under any circumstances, because it's bad for both me (fewer sales) and you (fewer sales means fewer updates).
    • You CAN, however, distribute the demo version any way you want to, as long as it remains in its original unmodified installer or .zip file and you don't lie about who made it.
  • I, Corwin Wray, am NOT liable for any problems that Pixel Gravity somehow causes on your computer.
    • Keep in mind this is only a disclaimer, to prevent complaints about impossible events. Pixel Gravity will never shut off your computer, delete random files, or otherwise act like malware.
    • Please tell me about any real issues that show up, because they obviously need to be fixed; just remember that your computer and other files/programs are your own responsibility.

Download File: PixelGravityApp.zip

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