Pixel Gravity

Some other programs similar to this one:
  • Universe Sandbox: A video-game-style gravity simulator, with realistic graphics and a dashboard-like control system.
    • Platforms: Windows.
  • Gravity Simulator: A gravity simulator (duh). Has simple graphics and can be tricky to work with, but is also extremely fast and efficient, and has plenty of features. Pixel Gravity can import and export Gravity Simulator files, so you can run the same simulations in either program.
    • Platforms: Windows. Freeware.
  • Bob Jenkins' applet: A Java applet for demoing orbits. No editing interface, but its site has lots of premade simulations and orbital mechanics lessons to go with them. The source of Pixel Gravity's multistep method equations.
    • Platforms: Web application. Freeware.
  • Gravit: An artsy gravity simulator and screen saver.
    • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. Freeware.

And a few other space-related programs:
  • Celestia: A space-exploration program. Does not actually simulate gravity, but has thousands of real stars, planets, and other objects to visit.
    • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. Freeware.
  • Stellarium: A planetarium program, which shows a realistic view of the sky from any location on Earth (without clouds or light pollution!).
    • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. Freeware.
  • Space Engine: A space-exploring program with procedurally generated (highly detailed, randomly generated) objects and planet surfaces.
    • Platforms: Windows. Freeware.
  • Orbiter: A space flight simulator--like a flight simulator, except you can fly into space and between planets in the solar system.
    • Platforms: Windows (may require fiddling depending on how old your computer is). Freeware.


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